Friday, April 8, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

Random bird shots from the window

Decided to play around with my lens when i noticed some birds outside my window, resting on the building roof opposite my room

For a moment i thought that there was dust on my camera sensor. Closer inspection revealed it to be an insect in flight (Bee?). It certainly got the bird's attention when it flew past it.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Salted egg in the sky

Took this shot of the super moon that we all heard in the news.

Pretty pleased with my new lens. hehe

Monday, March 14, 2011

Woof woofs at bontanic gardens

Took my new lens out for a snap last sunday. As usual the weather was a killer, but that doesnt stop the crowd and the pups~!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day at the botanic gardens

Had some time to go to the botanic gardens last week. Rather hot day harsh sun light and the rumble of rain clouds, it was as if the weather cant make up its mind to be clear or rain. Hahaha.

Last but not least my favorite kind of subject. She was having a sun bath and i guess i was disturbing her.. heh.

Friday, February 25, 2011

EF50mm F1.2L Gasmic

Well have'nt been blogging for awhile. Lol

Had to try my friend's EF50mm F1.2L recently and it was Bokeh o-gasmic. Really blew me away. Despite with the great Bokeh, there is purple fringing and softness at wide open but who cares? The Bokeh was spectacular and somewhat situational to be honest.

Will try to take more photographs. Too much slacking!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

[Food] Porn's thai food

Had dinner at Porn's thai food at Liang Seah Street near bugis after the kiting session with my pals last sunday. As i have heard and seen, this thai restaurant opened by Celebrity Pornsak (He served us rice! =) ).

Unfortunately, my attempts at finding the exact address on google only netted me thai porn search results. lol~ I'll see if i can get the address sometime later.
*edit: 28 Liang Seah Street. Thanks hun!

As with most places i go to for meals, i'll order dishes that are the basic and most symbolic of that cuisine or style of cooking (Because i cant order and eat thatttt much). When i think of thai food...

I think of only 3 things: Pineapple rice, thai curry and not forgetting tom yum soup.

This was one interesting tom yum soup i had in awhile.

The first thing you will feel on the first spoon is a sudden kick of spiciness before tasting the slight sour flavor and freshness of the soup and the ingredients.

I think this soup is really great compared to mild versions else where that seem to wash away what a good tom yum soup is about - Spiciness and freshness.

Next on the list. Thai green curry. Apart from slices of chicken inside, there's actually a wide variety of vegetables and this fruit/gourd that i am not sure of its name. It tastes like a squash and texture is close to one.

In this curry, the first impression of my pals was the strong aroma of thai basil leaves. Some may like this fragrance while some people might find it slightly on the strong side and not what they might expect from toned down versions we get else where. I however find it pleasantly delightful and tasty curry~!

Last but not least is pineapple rice. Served in a hollowed out pineapple, sprinkled with generous amount of pork floss and cashew nuts.

In the rice, small cuts of pineapple and raisin sweeten your taste buds with each bite like discovering hidden surprises. At the bottom of the rice, 4 pieces of medium size shrimps lay hidden too.

All in all i found this pineapple rice slightly average in the taste department, the serving might be slightly insufficient for bigger eaters in my opinion. I think that its slightly too sweet for my taste buds, missing a little on the savory side. But i still found it pleasant and enjoyable.

Main points
-Prices slightly high but still acceptable for the quality of food
-Food tastes authentic and spicy hot!
-Nice bright and comfy interior design

Points: 6/10

Conclusion: Going back for more~!